The Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation announces $1,000 grants to Bike Ann Arbor and Abundant Michigan Permaculture Ypsilanti (AMPY)

The Trustees of the micro-philanthropic group A2Awesome today announced the award of their 25th and 26th $1,000 grants toward the creation of awesomeness in the Ann Arbor – Ypsilanti area.

The cash awards were given to Krysia Hepatica of Bike Ann Arbor, and and Jesse Tack of Abundant Michigan Permaculture Ypsilanti (AMPY). Bike Ann Arbor, a local cycling advocacy group, will be using their $1,000 grant to create a valet bike parking system which can be used during the Ann Arbor Summer Festival and other local events on an ongoing basis. AMPY will be using their award to establish a permaculture tool library on the grounds on Dawn Farm, a local treatment facility for addiction recovery.

“We’ll be using our Awesome grant to buy equipment so that we can offer free bike valet every Thursday at Sonic Lunch, and during the Ann Arbor Summer Festival’s Tuesday Bike Nights at Top of the Park,” said Hepatica. “We want to make riding easier for people than taking the car, and, by providing free, easy bike parking, we’re hoping to do that. All people have to do is ride up to our portable racks, give us their contact information, and take a bracelet with a number corresponding to one that we put on their bike. Then, we’ll then lock their bikes and watch them during the course of the event. And, when someone decides it’s time to leave, we just give them their bike back. It’s a simple concept, but we’re hoping that it helps move us along the path a little toward becoming a more bike-friendly city.”

Bike Ann Arbor’s bike valet services will be available at all Thursday Sonic Lunch concerts, beginning June 6, and running through August 28, as well as during the Ann Arbor Summer Festival’s Tuesday Bike Nights (June 17 and 24, and July 1).

AMPY, according to Jesse Tack, will be using their Awesome grant to purchase the tools necessary to transition 7.8 acres of mono-cropped farmland on the property of Dawn Farm into what’s called a Restoration Agriculture model. “We’ve already been planting perennial trees and shrubs with the intention of mixing in annual crops and animal grazing,” says Tack, “and this grant will help us to acquire the items we need to keep everything cared for, like pruners, compost tea sprayers, hand saws, scythes, berry rakes, and other low-tech, human powered tools. And these tools, we hope, won’t just be used on the Dawn Farm property, but by AMPY members who are engaged in similar restoration projects in the area.”

The resilience tool shed will initially be stored in the basement of Dawn Farm. Eventually, AMPY would like to build a few structures on the grounds of the farm to help process and wash harvested produce, host events, as well as hold the tools.


To learn more: Check out Dean Maynard’s interview with Krysia Hepatica.


To learn more: Check out Dean Maynard’s interview with Jesse Tack.

[Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation grants are made on a monthly basis. All people with great, inspiring ideas are encouraged to submit their proposals through the Awesome Foundation site.]