Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation awards grant to Ypsilanti’s Festival of the Honey Bee

On the weekend of September 4, Ypsilanti will be celebrating its third annual Festival of the Honey Bee, thanks in part to a grant by the Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation. The $1,000 award was given earlier this summer to event founder Jamie Berlin, who will be using the funds not only to grow the collaborative, multi-faceted, city-wide festival, but to produce goods which can be sold during the event, thereby making future festivals more of a possibility. “This grant,” according to Berlin, “will set us on a path to financial independence.” If you would like to know more about the importance of honey bees, how the festival came about, or what you might encounter should you attend this year’s event, check out the recent interview between Mark Maynard, the dean of the Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation, and Jamie Berlin.