Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation funds free Women Activist Incubator Retreat

The Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation awarded a $1,000 mini-grant to organizers Patricia Fero and Lauren Tatarsky for their upcoming free Women Activists Incubator Retreat on October 7, 2018.

Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation trustees present Pat Fero and Lauren Tatarsky with their $1,000 mini-grant.

Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation trustees present Pat Fero and Lauren Tatarsky with their $1,000 mini-grant.


The Women Activists Incubator Retreat will take place October 19-21, 2018 (Friday at 5pm until Sunday at 1pm) at the Weber Center in Adrian, Michigan. This retreat is offered free of charge to women activists and is inclusive of trans and gender non-conforming people.Fero and Tatarsky’s intention is to provide inspiration, rest, and retreat for women activists who are out on the frontlines on a daily basis, and to cultivate a space for connecting and collaborating. Awesome Foundation funds will be used to cover facilitation and organization costs.

The retreat will support social justice work and encourage and inspire participants to strengthen their action together. Each woman will have an opportunity for her work to be the focus of the group, providing time for brainstorming and strategizing as well as addressing the personal challenges that arise from this work. Participants will focus on strategizing ways to inspire and motivate others to join forces with their action.

Patricia Fero has led workshops and retreats for over 20 years based on her four books, as well as other topics empowering women. She has grown an active psychotherapy practice in Ann Arbor over the past 30 years. Lauren Tatarsky is currently the owner of Inspired Life Counseling in Ann Arbor, where she conducts one-on-one and couples’ counseling sessions, women’s circles, yoga and free form dance classes, and rights of passage ceremonies. She is currently an active volunteer and LGBTQ advocate with the Human Rights Campaign and serves on the Ann Arbor Police Task Force, working to address racial injustice in the policing system.  

The Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation is the Ann Arbor chapter of the Boston-based micro-philanthropic organization known as the Awesome Foundation. Each fully autonomous chapter supports awesome projects through micro-grants, usually given out monthly. These micro-grants, $1,000 or the local equivalent, come out of the pockets of the chapter’s “trustees” and are given on a no-strings-attached basis to people and groups working on awesome projects.